If you were to make a list of the cutest things your dog does, “tilting their head when you talk to them” would most likely rank in the top three. It’s expressive, it’s adorable, and it shows that they’re really paying attention to you. Enjoy Thomas May’s article below, and keep your pet clean, warm and well with a Bamboo Charcoal Pet Wellness Mat from Aushealing Pet Range. Order here or call 0412071713.

1. They’re trying harder to hear you
Depending on the source and the distance, dog ears can better process sound when they tilt their heads. Given they live for words like “walk”, “park”, “dinner”, and “fetch”, your pooch is going to be focused on everything you say.
2. They’re trying harder to see you
Have you every tried holding your fist to your nose and staring at someone’s face? You can’t quite see their mouth, can you? For long-nosed dogs, this is what they experience every time they look at you. Like humans, dogs don’t just use their ears to understand you when you’re talking. They also watch your movements, posture, and facial expressions.
Internet-based studies have pointed to a correlation between the length of a dog’s nose and the extent to which they tilt their heads. This gesture could be their way of fully watching your mouth when you speak.
3. The tilt is cute and they know it
Dogs are clever creatures. They can be taught to swim, they can learn to recognise up to 200 words, and they know to repeat a behaviour when it earns them praise. When your dog tilts their head, chances are you’ve said “Awwwwww”, “That’s so cute!”, or “You’re such a good boy!” in a tone that tells them that you mean it. This encourages them to tilt their heads again, likely with the hope that their gesture will be met with a treat, a walk, or a bully rub. With thanks, -Thomas May 18, 2018

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