The best gift I can give to my pet? – It’s good health !

Syno-Vital Pet comes in a liquid format and has a high molecular weight of 1.2m closely matching the naturally occurring hyaluronan in the body. This form is quickly and easily absorbed. Unlike many other sources of hyaluronan, which are commonly made from chicken cartilage, Syno-Vital Pet is manufactured by a natural fermentation process to a consistent standard.

Syno-Vital Pet is an easy to use liquid feed supplement, that contains hyaluronan, which can be used to keep joints healthy, maintain bones and keep your pet’s coat shiny.

Naturally derived –  Add to food or water   –  Suitable for cats & dogsSyno-Vital does not contain artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, lactose, wheat or gluten.

Daily dosage:

Small Dogs & Cats up to 10kg – 1 to 2 pumps
Medium Dogs & Cats 10kg to 25kg – 2 to 3 pumps
Large Dogs & Cats 25kg + – 3 + pumps
(1 pump dispenses 1.5ml)
Product size – 150ml

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